Jan 20, 2022

Residents discuss need for fully staffed ambulance service in northern Riley Co.

Posted Jan 20, 2022 1:04 PM


RANDOLPH, Kan. (WIBW) - Northern Riley County residents gathered in Randolph this evening to discuss the need for fully staffed ambulance service to be more accessible to the more rural area of the county.

No ambulances have been stationed in northern Riley County since 2018. Before that, decommissioned ambulances from Riley County EMS were available for volunteer first responders to use on-scene.

“The only ambulances that are in Riley County, are in Manhattan, well there’s one at the county shops which is just outside of Manhattan. That there’s been discussion a long time, and we’re trying to push it now, and I’m glad to see there’s a lot of other people interested in it to.” Riley County Commissioner District #2, Greg McKinley (R) says.

Residents are asking County Commissioners for a special meeting to address concerns about the current EMS response.

“I anticipate us filling that room, and I think it’s’ going to be a really good sign to show the commissioners you know just how important this is.” community meeting organizer, Kevin Bellamy says.

Residents hope Commissioners will consider adding a fully staffed ambulance station in the northern portion of the county, while plans are made to build a new EMS headquarters facility.

According to McKinley, Riley County has received $14 million dollars in COVID relief money to be used to towards infrastructure, such as new EMS facilities.