Mar 18, 2023

📷 & 🎥: CONDEMNED: Royal Towers residents must vacate by 5/1

Posted Mar 18, 2023 2:36 AM

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MANHATTAN - On Friday, March 17th, the City of Manhattan's Risk Reduction Division posted notice at Royal Towers stating the structure has been condemned.

This notice was posted following the failure of the property owner to meet certain deadlines for correcting the walkways and stairwells of the building as requested by the Risk Reduction Division.

A structural engineer has been asked to evaluate the walkways and determine a safe way to move furniture and heavy belongings out of the building.

Risk Reduction has determined all residents and occupants will need to move out of the building before Monday, May 1st, 2023.

Placards were posted in multiple locations on the property, along with a notice to vacate being delivered to the property owner.

The Risk Reduction Division has asked residents to start finding alternative housing, however, they have asked that no furniture or heavy belongings be moved until a plan is in place, following the suggestions of the structural engineer.

The notice to residents, the original notice of condemnation, and the updated FAQs can be found here:

Please contact Deputy Chief Ryan Almes, Manhattan Fire Department, at 785-587-4508 with any questions.

Manhattan resident, Brett Cale has posted numerous videos on his TikTok account documenting the deteriorating conditions at Royal Towers Apartments.

According to Riley County public records, Royal Towers, located at 1700 Manhattan Avenue, is owned by TD Invest LLC and RA LLC, both located in Crystal Bay, Nevada.