Jun 27, 2020 10:00 AM

Stay safe this Fourth of July

Posted Jun 27, 2020 10:00 AM

(Manhattan, Kan., June 26, 2020) — The Manhattan Fire Department is reminding residents to use fireworks responsibly and enjoy a safe Fourth of July holiday.  Special emphasis should be given to the disposal of fireworks, which in Manhattan has caused several fires in recent years.  Being respectful of neighbors will also help ensure an enjoyable holiday for all residents.

"Only discharge fireworks on private property where you have the permission of the owner; public spaces such as parks and streets are not allowed." Said Ryan Courtright Assistant Chief of Risk Reduction.  “Please be respectful to those that live around you and follow ordinances and safe practices.” 

Please make sure to follow the City of Manhattan’s basic firework regulations:

  1. Discharge is allowed from 8 a.m. to midnight July 1 through July 4
  2. Sales are allowed from noon July 1 through midnight July 4
  3. It is unlawful to discharge fireworks in streets, alleys, parks or on public property.
  4. It is unlawful to throw or shoot fireworks in the direction of people or vehicles.
  5. It is unlawful to ignite aerial luminaries, sometimes called sky lanterns or floating lanterns.
  6. It is unlawful to ignite bottle rockets and M80s in the State of Kansas.

Each July 4th, thousands of people, most often children and teens, are injured while using consumer fireworks. In 2018, there were 175 fireworks-related injuries that required a trip to the emergency room in Kansas.

Fireworks Safety Tips:

  1. Fireworks should only be discharged under adult supervision.
  2. Always read the fireworks label for proper firing instructions.
  3. Use fireworks only in a clear area away from houses, buildings, and dry grass.
  4. Fireworks should not be ignited in glass or metal containers.
  5. Never hold fireworks in your hand when lighting.
  6. Keep observers at a safe distance.
  7. Have a bucket of water, garden hose, or fire extinguisher available in the immediate area.
  8. Soak used fireworks overnight in a bucket of water prior to disposal

Please contact Fire Marshal Jake Powell, Manhattan Fire Department, at 785-587-4506 or [email protected] with any questions.