Jan 21, 2021 3:59 PM

Sundown Salute may have to be scaled back in 2021

Posted Jan 21, 2021 3:59 PM

It is too soon for final decisions on Sundown Salute in 2021 but CVB Director Michelle Stimatze noted this week that the celebration in July may have to be limited. COVID-19 is the key factor.

Stimatze said that decisions have not yet been finalized at this point. "But we're looking like maybe not having a full blown Sundown Salute." Stimatze referred to possible events that could occur. "We're talking about maybe having a parade, the race - the Freedom Run and a car show. That might be the extent of it for this next year."Stimatze added that's just because of COVID.

The CVB has been coordinating the Sundown Salute celebration. Typically there are other activities ranging from vendors in the park to musical entertainment. "Well, we're probably not sure about music yet. We're just in the beginning stages of planning. It seems like COVID is going to take its course again this spring and it looks like maybe by fall time we'll have a little bit of ease on that but it's hard to make any decisions with the big events in our community."

The 2020 Fourth of July Sundown Salute celebration had to be  cancelled due to COVID-19.