Aug 04, 2022

Women in Business luncheon attendees challenged to find their 'Why'

Posted Aug 04, 2022 6:17 PM

Little Apple Post

MANHATTAN - Kansas State University's Head Volleyball Coach, Suzie Fritz addressed attendees at the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce Women in Business luncheon on Wednesday.

Fritz says finding what motivates a person helps find what drive a person towards their goals. 

Determining what motivates people can be different for each person, some are motivated by money, others by reaching goals. 

Fritz says motivation improves efficiency, builds relationships and leads to stability in the team, whether it’s a sports team or a workforce. 

Fritz asked attendees to spend a few minutes figuring out what motivates them, before calling on a couple to talk about what motivates them. 

In closing her presentation, Fritz reminded the crowd that everyone is motivated by something different, and may need different things to keep motivated. 

“I think this is already an inspiring group of people. I think we’re all looking for motivation, we’re all looking for inspiration., and so just having the opportunity to come in and celebrate all of these successful, powerful, amazing women is just wonderful. It makes me feel good about how, you know, their, how they feel about K-State, how they feel about K-State Volleyball and they were wonderfully welcoming to me and I really appreciate the opportunity to be here.” Kansas State University Volleyball, Head Coach, Suzie Fritz says. 

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