Oct 11, 2021 3:11 PM

Wind symphony, Sax studio concerts headline McCain Auditorium this week

Posted Oct 11, 2021 3:11 PM

Tuesday marks the start of a busy week at the K-State School of Music, Theatre and Dance at the McCain Auditorium. 

The MTD Wind Symphony and Concert Band will perform Tuesday evening from 7:30 to 10, followed by a concert by the Wind Ensemble Wednesday evening, also from 7:30 to 10. 

The All Faiths Chapel will host a pair of performances as well. Friday is Jacob R. Thomas Composition recital featuring piano, bass, and musical theater. The recital starts at 7:30 p.m.  

Sunday at All Faiths Chapel the KSU Saxophone Studio concert will present an electric concert of traditional, jazz, and contemporary musical styles featuring soloists, quartets, and other chamber ensembles. The Saxophone Studio will start at 2:30 Sunday afternoon.