Mar 16, 2023

MFD: Use space heaters properly to avoid fires

Posted Mar 16, 2023 1:00 PM

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MANHATTAN - Many people use space heaters to boost the temperature within their house to supplement the heat provided by the furnace.

When used properly, space heaters can be a useful appliance, but improper use can lead to fires.

"We do have fires caused by space heaters fairly commonly, but there are some some safe ways that you can use space heaters to supplement supplement the heat in your homes or whatever space you're in. So the two main ways the space heaters cause fires are, one, just overloading your electrical system, whether that's an extension cord or the actual circuit that you have that plugged into." Manhattan Fire Department, Captain Dan Newton says.

Space heaters should not be plugging into an extension cord, they should be plugged directly into a wall outlet. 

Typically space heaters pull more amps that an extension cord  is rated for, which can cause the cord to overheat, malfunction, or cause a fire.

Capt. Newton also recommends keeping space heaters at least 3 feet from other items in the house, including furniture, blankets, clothes, and paper products.

"So nothing within three feet of your furnace. Nothing within three feet of that space heater. Certainly use modern space heaters. Those will be equipped with a tip over features of somebody kicks it over. It will shut off. Older space heaters may not be equipped with that. Make sure your space heaters in good working condition." Capt. Newton says.