Feb 04, 2024

Marshall: FAFSA data slowdown indicative of bigger issue

Posted Feb 04, 2024 10:45 AM
U.S. Senator Dr. Roger Marshall
U.S. Senator Dr. Roger Marshall

Hutch Post

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — If you have a high school senior, things are going really slowly in terms of getting what you need to know how much college is going to cost. 

The U.S. Department of Education announced Jan. 30 that it won't be sending students' FAFSA data to schools until the first half of March. Previously, it had said it would start sending that data in late January.

Kansas U.S. Senator Dr. Roger Marshall is calling on the Biden Administration to work harder to solve the problem of delays in processing.

"The universities are not receiving the information, colleges are not receiving these financial applications. I think only 20% of the students have been able to complete it," Marshall said. "I want to jump to the quick of this. Less than 20% of the people in the federal government in D.C. are back in the office right now."

Marshall believes that federal workers should be back in the office all across D.C.

"I just don't think the productivity from home is nearly as good as it is when people get in the office," Marshall said. "It's been a farce and the executive branch is letting them get away with it. They don't even assess it. They won't tell us what the real number is, but we do know that only about 20% of the offices across D.C. are now occupied."

Marshall joined three other Senators on Friday to call on the Department of Education to explain how it is going to get FAFSA information to schools and potential students on time.

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