Jun 04, 2024

Pawnee Mental Health Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer, promotes Macko to Chief Operating Officer

Posted Jun 04, 2024 7:57 PM
Pawnee Mental Health appoints new CFO, COO
Pawnee Mental Health appoints new CFO, COO

Submitted by Pawnee Mental Health

By Madison Ogle

Pawnee Mental Health is pleased to announce Lindsay Miller, BS, CPM, as our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), alongside the appointment of George Macko, SPHR, as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Lindsay Miller, BS, CPM, announced as new Chief Financial Officer of Pawnee Mental Health
Lindsay Miller, BS, CPM, announced as new Chief Financial Officer of Pawnee Mental Health

Lindsay Miller, BS, CPM, earned her bachelor of science in business administration from Kansas State University and received her certified public manager (CPM) designation from the University of Kansas. Specializing in finance, Miller brings a depth of knowledge and insight that will be instrumental in guiding Pawnee toward sustainable growth and success. Her strategic approach to financial management will help support our financial model as we evolve and expand as the safety-net provider of behavioral health services in our 10-county service area. With her expertise, she aims to leverage financial resources to her fullest potential, ensuring Pawnee can maximize its contribution to the community and support the betterment of economic performance.

Before joining Pawnee, Miller was the Finance Director for the City of Junction City, gaining invaluable experience in municipal finance and budgeting. Combined with her accounting and finance experience from Kansas State University, she brings about 21 years of experience. Outside work, she finds joy in staying active and spending quality time with her family, embracing outdoor adventures and cherishing moments with her loved ones. Miller can often enjoy nature through running, trail walks, tending to her flower beds, or cheering on her nephew at baseball games. She also loves to travel, especially to visit her two children, one residing in Oregon and the other in Texas. Her passion for life and dedication to personal and professional growth make her a valuable addition to the Pawnee team.

"I am thrilled to join and contribute to an exceptional team dedicated to such a significant cause. This opportunity represents a wonderful chance to make a real impact and effect positive change within our community," Miller said. 

George Macko, SPHR, appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Pawnee Mental Health
George Macko, SPHR, appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Pawnee Mental Health

George Macko, SPHR, the newly appointed chief operating officer of Pawnee, formerly serving as interim COO for several months and as the human resources director for the past two years, brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his new role. Macko has a bachelor of business administration from Kansas State University and a distinguished senior professional of human resources (SPHR) credential; Macko's transition to COO is a natural progression, reflecting his comprehensive skill set and proven track record in organizational management. His tenure in human resources management, coupled with specialties in organizational development, performance management, and change management, uniquely positions him to drive Pawnee's operational excellence forward.

Having honed his sales, military service, and human resources management skills, Macko's journey to COO underscores his resilience and adaptability in dynamic environments. His tenure at Kansas State University and the American Red Cross provided invaluable experience, allowing him to integrate industry best practices seamlessly into Pawnee's operations. As COO, Macko's ability to articulate strategic decisions clearly, engage with diverse stakeholders, and navigate challenging conversations with finesse further enhances Pawnee's trajectory toward progress and success. 

"Over the past two years with Pawnee, I have come to realize Pawnee is where I have felt welcomed by our staff and clients. I am excited to continue with our team at Pawnee in this new role as we embark on new endeavors and continue to progress our organization to be the best Certified Community Behavioral Health Center we can be for our clients and the best employer we can be for our staff," Macko said.  

About Pawnee Mental Health Services

Founded in 1956, Pawnee Mental Health is a private, not-for-profit Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) and Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC). This designation enhances the organization's ability to serve the community comprehensively, ensuring that individuals receive whole-person care at the right time. Pawnee provides a full range of mental health, substance use recovery, and crisis services for residents of 10 north central Kansas counties. Approximately 7,000 adults, adolescents, and children are served annually.