Jan 02, 2020 12:38 AM

Herington Police Chief issues apology for coffee cup hoax

Posted Jan 02, 2020 12:38 AM

Police Chief Brian Hornaday

By Dewey Terrill

JUNCTION CITY —Herington Police Chief Brian Hornaday issued a statement Wednesday apologizing for the incident involving the accusation about a coffee cup containing an expletive followed by the word "pig" served to one of his Herington Police Department patrol officers at the McDonald's Restaurant at 1127 South Washington, Junction City. 

After an investigation Police Chief Brian Hornaday confirmed that the now-former 23-year old officer from Junction City "completely and solely fabricated" the allegations. Hornaday said the officer told him that the incident was "meant to be a joke." That patrol officer has resigned. 

In his statement on Wednesday Hornaday said a press conference was held Monday evening with the sole scope of informing "everyone affected that neither McDonald's nor it's employees were involved in the coffee cup incident that outraged many. Since that time has now passed it is important that an apology  is rendered on behalf of myself and the Herington Police Department to McDonald's and all of it's employees world-wide, specifically those who work at the two Junction City locations."

Hornaday also stated, "An apology is also warranted to the citizens of Junction City and fellow law enforcement officers in the Junction City area and across this Nation. I am truly sorry for all unnecessary, negative attention and pain that this incident has brought to every person who was affected. We hope that this is always remembered as the act of one person and not that of the chosen few men and women who have the courage to boldly protect and serve the citizens of this great Nation."