Feb 09, 2021 6:31 PM

Face covering policy and procedures are reviewed for K-State

Posted Feb 09, 2021 6:31 PM

As on-campus activities resume this week, Kansas State University continues to require face coverings on campuses.  As outlined  by K-State Today, here is the university's face covering policy: 

Everyone — faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors and visitors — must wear face coverings over their mouths and noses in all indoor and outdoor spaces while you are on university property unless you are alone in your own private office or workspace or are alone outdoors. 

This policy also applies if you have previously had COVID-19 or have had the full vaccination series. Learn more about the university face covering policy and enforcement

If a student is not wearing a face covering, the first response should be a collegial reminder and an offer of a clean face covering, if one is available. Facilities Custodial Services has stocked classrooms with a box of disposable face coverings for the beginning of the semester. 

Students who do not comply with the policy on the Manhattan, Polytechnic or Olathe campuses should be reported through the Code of Conduct violation form  so proper disciplinary actions can take place. 

The Office of Student Life follows a defined procedure in the event of a violation of the face covering policy. 

First offense: Reminder letter sent to the student with information regarding the policy and potential next steps. 

Second offense: Administrative hearing with Office of Student Life dean to discuss the policy and any concerns being raised. 

Third offense: Student Review Board hearing where the student could face sanctions up to removal from the classroom, university property or temporary loss of student status.  

Violations of the face covering policy in Housing and Dining Services  facilities will follow a similar process with Housing staff. Violations occurring in the Housing and Dining Services living environments, on all campuses, will be included when considering violations in the university judicial process.