Jul 10, 2024

🎥Kan. First District congressman discusses open borders

Posted Jul 10, 2024 9:00 PM

Office of Congressman Tracey Mann

WASHINGTON D.C. — Kansas First District Congressman Tracey Mann spoke Wednesday on the House floor about the southern border crisis.

"Since President Biden was sworn in, his open border policies have created a national security and humanitarian crisis," Mann said. "House Republicans continue to urge the White House and our Democrat colleagues in Congress to work with us to identify a solution. Again and again, we are met with silence. I understand border security may not be politically convenient for my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, but at some point, they must stop pretending that this crisis doesn’t exist."

Mann pushed back against spin coming out of the White House on the situation.

"I found it telling that over the July 4th holiday, the White House touted that illegal crossings along the U.S. southern border decreased following President Biden’s executive order," Mann said. "What they conveniently left out is that even with this executive order, May was still the 39th straight month where illegal immigrant encounters have been higher than even the highest month under President Trump. I understand that the White House is in desperate need of good press, but with all due respect, Mr. Speaker, the facts are the facts. Our borders are far from secure, and no feel-good story or graphic from the White House Communications team is going to change that."

Mann is asking for a change in approach, in Congress and in the White House.

"We must change our tone and send a clear message: do NOT come to the U.S. illegally," Mann said. "At the start of his presidency, President Biden promised outright citizenship to more than 11 million illegal immigrants. America is a nation of legal immigrants, and the President’s false promise was a slap in the face to the 2 million people who legally migrate to the U.S. each year the right way."