Jun 20, 2022

Bill Snyder has plenty to do following his retirement from football

Posted Jun 20, 2022 5:55 PM
Bill Snyder speaking to the Kansas Association of Retired School Personnel in Junction City.
Bill Snyder speaking to the Kansas Association of Retired School Personnel in Junction City.

This is part three in a series on former Kansas State University football coach Bill Snyder. This story touches on his life after coaching football.

During an appearance at a Kansas Association of Retired School Personnel convention in Junction City this past week the former K-State football coach Bill Snyder was asked about what he is doing now. One is serving as a speaker at a variety of different functions. "It's for good causes and this is obviously an extremely good cause."

Snyder has five children, ten grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. He stays in contact with them. "I try to stay in touch. Now some of the great grandchildren are too young to communicate with on the telephone but all the rest that are I visit with every single day on the telephone. That's important to me. "

The former coach also noted that there are many programs that have become significant to him. "I'm heavily invested in the Kansas State University Leadership School. That has been significant. We have what we call the Snyder Leadership Fellows. I didn't name that but somebody else did." That involves a group of leaders that come through a program he works with on occasion each year. 

He is involved in a state level Kansas leadership program and multiple other Kansas State University, community and state programs. "I get to pick and choose so I don't run myself ragged with that."

Snyder is also busy with a lot of correspondence. "That's one thing I've always stayed up with. I'm responsive, kind of felt an obligation to respond to correspondence that I get. " Snyder added that people are very gracious so he keeps up with the correspondence.

In addition to serving as a coach, which is a teaching job, Snyder was a high school teacher for many years early in his career. At Kansas State he served as the head football coach from 1989 until 2005 and again from 2009 until 2018. He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame and was the recipient of numerous conference and national coach of the year honors.