Nov 22, 2021 5:09 PM

Accused attacker arrested for stalking victims

Posted Nov 22, 2021 5:09 PM
Kenneth Durell Dotson
Kenneth Durell Dotson

By Scott Edger
Little Apple Post

Last night a little before 8:00, Riley County police arrested Kenneth Durell Dotson for multiple counts of stalking, protection order violations, and interference with a law enforcement officer. 

Police say Dotson’s current arrest and charges stem from his October 12 arrest in connection with a violent attack at a Dairy Queen in Manhattan.  

On October 12, the RCPD arrested Dotson, 38, and Cornelius Lee Sisson, 37, both of Manhattan, after they reportedly forced their way into the Dairy Queen at 1015 N. Third Street and chased a man and woman outside before assaulting them with a weapon. 

Police arrested Dotson at his home at 12:14 Saturday morning, October 12. He was charged with domestic battery, battery, aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, violation of a protection order and aggravated burglary.  

At the time of last night’s incident, Dotson was free on a $50,000 bond posted October 20. Following his release, Dotson was issued a protection order banning contat with witnesses. 

Authorities had recently taken multiple reports of Dotson stalking and contacting witnesses from the October 12 attack. Dotson was arrested in the 1100 block of Yuma Street in Manhattan when an RCPD officer spotted him outside and took him into custody. 

Dotson is scheduled for a December 7 hearing in Riley County District Court for the October 12 case.