Dec 06, 2022

Police: Kan. burglary suspect locked resident out of apartment

Posted Dec 06, 2022 5:56 PM
Reynard- photo Saline County Sheriff's Office
Reynard- photo Saline County Sheriff's Office

Salina Post

SALINE COUNTY —Law enforcement arrested a Salina man early Tuesday after he allegedly entered a north Salina apartment without permission and attempted to lock out the man who lives there.

Just before 1:30a.m., officers were sent to the 200 block of N. 10th Street in Salina and found two men wrestling in the front yard, One was a neighbor who was trying to hold Matthew Reynard, 43, of Salina, until the police arrived, according Police Captain Paul Forrester.

Reynard allegedly approached a 56-year-old Salina man, who was sitting on his front porch and asked him for a cigarette. Reynard then allegedly entered the man's apartment and locked the door.

The man had a spare key and was able to enter the apartment, where he saw Reynard holding his Samsung Galaxy A13 cellphone, some Thinsulate gloves, and a backpack. The items were valued at approximately $250. The man also noticed that all of the electronics in his apartment had been unplugged.

Forrester said the neighbor, a 32-year-old Salina man, who reported the incident to police, got involved when he allegedly saw on his Ring camera that Reynard was looking in his mailbox. When he went outside to investigate, he found out from the 56-year-old that Reynard had entered his apartment and locked the door.

Reynard is being held on requested charges of Aggravated burglary and Theft.