Mar 19, 2023

KC man charged in fatal beating with a metal bolt

Posted Mar 19, 2023 1:00 AM
Stamper-photo Jackson Co.
Stamper-photo Jackson Co.

KANSAS CITY —A Kansas City man faces felony charges in the fatal beating of Dickens F. Taima with a metal bolt in a Kansas City residence, according to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker.

Charles E. Stamper, 57,, faces Murder 2nd Degree and Armed Criminal Acion Criminal Action, and Violation of an Order of Protection.

According to court records, Stamper beat the victim in the head and body with an industrial metal bolt tied with fabric.

A witness in the apartment said the victim was asleep and she took a shower. During the shower she heard yelling. She came out and saw the Stamper covered in blood. He told the witnesses not to call 911 and locked himself in victim’s room.

Police found the victim on the floor at the foot of a bed. He had sustained extremely severe injuries to his skull and body and face, as well as to his hands and forearms; the murder weapon was found on the victim’s bed. 

Stamper is being held a $150,000 bond.