Dec 29, 2020 6:12 PM

Royals sign RHP Ervin Santana to minor-league contract

Posted Dec 29, 2020 6:12 PM

St. Joseph Post

The Kansas City Royals announced Tuesday that they have signed right-handed pitcher Ervin Santana to a minor league contract.

The 38-year old right-hander pitched for the Royals in 2013, winning nine games with a 3.24 ERA in 211 innings.

Santana last pitched in the big leagues in 2019, making three starts for the Chicago White Sox with a 9.45 ERA. He was an All-Star as recently as 2017, winning 16 games for the Minnesota Twins with a 3.28 ERA.

Santana has spent parts of 15 seasons in the majors, winning 149 games with a 4.09 ERA for the Angels, Royals, Braves, Twins and White Sox.

Ervin Santana /&nbsp;<a rel="nofollow" href="">Keith Allison</a> on <a rel="nofollow" href="">Flickr</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">Creative Commons</a>
Ervin Santana / Keith Allison on Flickr /  Creative Commons