Oct 12, 2020 5:12 PM

Kansas DC Eliot Speaks to Media

Posted Oct 12, 2020 5:12 PM

In place of Head Coach Les Miles, Defensive Coordinator DJ Eliot spoke to the media on behalf of Kansas Monday during the Big 12 Coaches Teleconference.

Miles, who tested positive for COVID-19 late last week has been in quarantine, but keeping close communication with Eliot and his other coaches and players via Zoom. 

Eliot said that Coach Miles put a plan into place immediately after testing positive on Thursday, and that Miles is expected to be at KU's next contest against West Virginia on Saturday.

When asked if having a bye this past week helped in dealing with Coach Miles' absence, Eliot mentioned again that Miles although not physically present, has been very active in the team's preparation and meetings. 

Eliot also addressed how Miles was not the first person on the team to test positive, so he was confident in the guidelines and protocols the team had in place to make sure that the "limited number" of cases Kansas has had as a team stays that way. 

"It's important that all members of the team and staff do their part to take care of each other," said Eliot. "We are well-versed in someone on the team testing positive for Covid and we've had a very limited spread here at Kansas, and we feel comfortable where we are."

On the football side of things, Eliot was asked about his thoughts on the Big 12's defensive reputation, and if him seeing the SEC defenses begin to struggle more with the up-tempo style that has recently appeared in one of the nation's toughest defensive conferences. 

"The only power five conference I haven't coached in is the Big Ten, so I've seen a lot of different styles of attack and I've seen a lot of different approaches and I think that the up-tempo spread attack is popular and I think it's going to trickle into the other conferences as well," said Eliot. " So, I wouldn't say that I'm excited, I almost felt sorry for the defensive coordinators to be honest with you because I've kind of felt their pain before."

Eliot went on to discuss how he thought that the trend was only going to continue and that the up-tempo spread style will start to become more apparent in other leagues. 

The Jayhawks will continue to prepare for yet another spread-style opponent when they take on West Virginia on the road this weekend.