Feb 05, 2024

Meet Haley Vollmer - K-State Rodeo Athlete

Posted Feb 05, 2024 10:00 PM
K-State Rodeo's Haley Vollmer, photo submitted by athlete
K-State Rodeo's Haley Vollmer, photo submitted by athlete

Senior in Marketing

Events: Breakaway Roping

How did you get into rodeo?
My parents taught me how to ride horse before I could ride a bike! As I got older, we went to youth rodeo competitions and I fell in love with horses and rodeoing! I then began junior high, high school, and now college rodeo!

What advice would you give to youth/high school rodeo athletes?
Some advice I would give to youth/high school rodeo athletes is to soak in the moments of getting to compete! It is such an amazing thing we get to do with our animals, family, and friends and we should try to soak it all in, not focusing as much on the results of our competition but what we get the opportunity to do!

What is one thing you want people to know about K-State Rodeo?
That the team members truly are all great friends, and support each other so well. We work hard to help one another be the best we can be in and out of the arena! We compete both as a team and as individuals, and even when we are competing against each other as individuals we are so supportive of one another!

*Questionnaires were sent to the K-State Rodeo team and we will feature athletes daily leading up to the 2024 K-State Rodeo, which will be Thursday, February 15th through Sunday, February 18th.

The 2024 K-State Rodeo will be the final one in historic Weber Arena. Tickets must be purchased in advance.