May 04, 2020 8:24 PM

KSHSAA issues summer guidelines

Posted May 04, 2020 8:24 PM

The Board of Directors for the Kansas State High School Athletics Association has approved new summer guidelines. effective June 1st. When it is permitted by the community's local health authorities  and school district administration, effective June 1st, school employed coaches may begin their summer programs with their prospective student participants. 

Basketball coaches may not hold team camp or work with their players between August 3rd and August 16th since that time is dedicated to fall preparations.

Football must complete three calendar weeks of conditioning, with foot ball drills allowed on the second and third weeks as well.

Following the conditioning weeks and through Aug. 3rd coaches may work with their athletes on football related activities, have 7 on 7 competitions, 5 on 5 competitions, a one-week team camp, and continue strength and conditioning.

From Aug. 3rd through the 15th coaches can work with their athletes on football related activities, conduct a one-week team camp and continue strength and conditioning.

One team vs. team camps will be permitted this summer and must be conducted by a third party.

KSHSAA said many students have not had the opportunity to train on a regular basis this spring. A gradual acclimation to physical activity has been shown to lower the risk of injury. If summer is delayed, a team camp right before the start of fall practice would probably be beneficial.  

The recommendations are based on an anticipated practice starting date of Aug. 17 for fall sports. If there is a delay in the start, the calendar of recommendations may be modified.

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May 04, 2020 8:24 PM
Preparations are being made for Brigade baseball to play this summer

By Dewey Terrill

Preparations are being made for the Junction City Brigade to play baseball this summer. This is a work in progress as recovery begins following the COVID-19 virus.

The general manager of the summer collegiate baseball team, Cecil Aska said after a Mid-Plains League conference call the staring date was tentatively moved back from May 27th to June 15th. "But we're going to have another conference call May 12th. By then all of the different teams within their communities should have a better idea of what restrictions may or may not be on there. So we'll finalize things on May 12th but right now we're moving forward with plans to play, effective June 15th." Officials are still talking about playing a full schedule, which means it would run until about Aug. 12th.

Aska explained he is preparing to have a conversation with local health officials so there can be a determination on what needs to be in place to accommodate requirements such as social distancing.

There still have to be preparations with sponsors, getting equipment, preparing the field, and determining what must be done to ensure the safety of the players and fans, including the team's travel to away games.

One area of need is host families. "When we have a better handle what we can do to assure the host families we may need some additional host families. " Players often live with host families during the summer while they play for the Brigade.