Feb 23, 2024

Police investigating fatal KC-area officer involved shooting

Posted Feb 23, 2024 3:00 PM

JACKSON COUNTY —Law enforcement authorities are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting.

Just after 4:30p.m. Thursday, police  responded to a shooting at a residence in the 700 Block of N. Frandsen Road, according to a media release.  

At the home, officers encountered an adult individual in the doorway of the residence. Witnesses report hearing officers give the individual verbal commands and shortly after, officers firing their weapons, striking the individual.

Officers removed the individual from the area of the doorway and began to provide medical treatment to him. They located a "fanny pack" strapped around the individual’s waist which contained multiple rounds of handgun ammunition.

The individual was determined to be deceased by medical personnel at the scene.An investigation began, activating the Police Involved Investigation Team, which is comprised of Detectives from several Eastern Jackson County Law Enforcement Agencies.

During the course of the investigation, a handgun was located near the doorway where the individual was encountered by the officers. It is unknown at this time the exact circumstances surrounding the shooting, however investigators will work to review witness statements and any video that may be available to give a complete picture of the encounter.  Police have not released the name of the suspect who died.