Jan 06, 2021 2:33 PM

2021 MLB Season Expected to Start On Time

Posted Jan 06, 2021 2:33 PM

According to an article written by Brian McWilliam of The Score, the MLB Players Association expects the 2021 season to start on time. 

"As we've made clear to the league on multiple occasions, we expect spring training and the regular season to start on time and as scheduled, consistent with our CBA," the union said in a statement. "The commissioner's office has assured us that they have instructed the clubs to prepare for an on-time start."

Spring training is scheduled to start on February 27, with Opening Day close behind on April 1; however, there is still uncertainty about those dates due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The Kansas City Royals are currently scheduled to open the 2021 campaign at home against the Texas Rangers on April 1. An official start time has yet to be announced, and dates and times are still subject to change based on conditions of the pandemic within the United States.